Welcome to Springfield PrideFest!

May 20, 2017…7th Annual Springfield PrideFest. WOW what a great day!! We started with some rain but the skies cleared up, we had our first ever Springfield Pride Parade followed by a great day of fun and activities! Crowd estimates are between 7,000 – 10,000 people. If you came out, we hope you had a great day. A big thanks to all of our volunteers, vendors, sponsors, and supporters as well as all of the committee chairs. We couldn’t do it without YOU!

Jonna J Cooley PhD & Roy Pyers – 2017 Springfield PrideFest Co-Chairs

I would like to extend my apologies to Mr. Fred Floreth, State Central Committeeman 13th Congressional District, for misspelling his name on various Springfield PrideFest printed materials. Mr. Floreth has long been a supporter of Springfield PrideFest and we appreciate his support.  ~ Jonna J Cooley PhD, Executive Director – Phoenix Center